gofresh (gofresh) wrote,

religion....... rational ???

discussions are something I always look forward to..... that too with someone I love.... just makes my day.... one such today with a very dear friend.... mostly when we both realy discuss something , we stand on opposite poles and end up arguing..... but today it was really nice to see that we could agree on things and still discuss for really long!!!!!

how orthodox people can be and where do u put a stop that all the practices that have been followed for years and you know that they longer make sense....

every religion has its own set of pratices which are out dated today or have been proved to be scientfically wrong..... in such a case is one supposed to follow them blindly just bcoz we've been asked by our elders to do so .... and if not u end up hurting them ... or are u supposed to sit and reason it out with them .....

I myself have seen myself following stuff which make no sense to me but have been taught and have been doing for so long that its now kind of impossible to give them up.....my belief.... as long as a practice does not harm anyone in any way , its ok to follow..... but if it seems totally irrational and amounts to huting someone's ego or self respect , it seems resonable to fight agaist them.......
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