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A very common sight I should say .... but stirred strong feelings in me for the first time ......
people moving out in a hurry out of office to catch their buses and be back home to be with their loved ones.....

Some faces showing contentment after a days's good work, some mentally recollecting the tasks to be done once they are out of office .....some just too tired to think of anything, some excited about how they are going to spend the rest of their day ..... in short most of them looking forward to something that's to come ........

But youngsters specially the unmarried lot without their kith and kins really near them, those who stay close by the office don't seem to have anything much to be bothered about...their lives seem to revolve just around the monotonous circle of office and back to the place u sleep the night ..... because not much of a home it is ..

Guess only when u r away from home u realise what it is to be home and have someone waiting for you out there after a hard day's work....
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