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vision .............

A good friend moves towards a new life ........ someone i've always appreciated for the kinda knowlegde he has , respected for the human being he is ....... and generally liked the kinda person he stands for .... but the apprehension and doubts with which he was moving makes me a little unhappy..... had he been going with a little more enthusiasm , I would have been really really glad for him .....

Made me think if any of us really know what we want in life ...... whether there is something we want dearly in life and pursue it with all zeal ... and be content when we have it in the end .... there always seems to be want for more .... and apprehension and doubts about has been achieved ....

All these thots still lingering in my mind , I meet another person who pursued wut he wanted with single minded determination and achieved his goal and has every right to be glad , proud and happy about it!!!!

Don't know if its all about knowing ur mind , defining the right balance of contentment and zeal to achieve something more .......
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