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career or family ???

Motherhood is a blessing... ... bestowed on a chosen few I believe......

And when I hear a a mother say things like .... I regret not having spent more time with my kids .... not having seen them grow and been for them as I would have wanted to ...... bcoz of my hectic career and blah blah blah..... sends my blood boiling.... if that's what was important in life , that's what you should have given complete imporatance ..... why bring in little lives into this world if you do not have it in you to do full justice to your responsibities.....

Its true that in today's competitive world its very difficult to balance both professional and personal life doing full justice to both ..... but bringing up a life and channelising it is a good way is a big responsibility which according to me should not be taken lightly....

I've seen my mother let go of a good career she could have had for us children's sake ..... I 've heard a tinge of regret from her every now and then ..... but then when she looks at the bigger picture it becomes crystal clear that our family would not have been the wondeful one it is today..... had it not been for the big decision to choose family before career that she had taken.... she's the strong thread that binds us all together .... with each of us being very busy with our lives ..... she the common link that keeps us all bound..!!!!!

At the same time I've seen mothers who can balance both very beautifully ...... wonder how .... but that's a rarity......have also seen friends who are totally anti their mother bcoz of their mother not spending enough time with them ..............

Its not for me to say whether one should choose family or career ... its the right of every individual to make ..... but once a decision is taken full justice should be done to it ..... trying to balance urself on both the boats leaves u only dangling .... and trying to hold on to both and not really successful.....
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