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Two of my close friends are at an important threshold in life...... one has got married recently and the other is going to be engaged!!!!!..... As a good friend I am supposed to be all happy and gay for them..... but no...... all I can feel is weird , strange , scared, just out of place and uncomfortable with the whole thing....

Have come to understand a few things though......

Marriage is not necessarily about falling in love and knowing that this is "the one" I wanna spend my life with.... its more of a very consciuosly and well thought about decision after taking into consideration lots of practicalities of life.....

Most people seem to look at marriage as a stage in life..... an important step though they all agree .... but as something which necessarily has to haapen in everyone's life......

There is nothing as the right time or the right age to marry.... u find the right person (provided there actually exsits someone like that which I doubt!!!!)..... no time is too early.... but if u r not fortunate enough to, then do end up convincing urself that XYZ is the right one!

Appreciate the beauty of relations that do not fit into the conventional defintion of what a relation should be......they bring more peace and happiness into life.....
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