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cosmetic world!!!!!!

What makes me most uncomfortable and totally unable to deal with ..... faces with all false masks on them!!!!!! .... When you are aware of the ill feelings within but pretend to be the best of friends !!!!

People with whom you've had heated arguments, felt insulted, hurt and humiliated throughout the day ..... you end up talking amicably in the end of the day... you smile and laugh with them when your heart is not ..... you are being nice when you are not feeling nice.....

hmmmmm........ so how did I land up in this situation.... do I ever need reasons to create trouble for my own self... and that's what I did once more ..... looked forward and was enthusiastic about something which I should have known is not something I am going to be comfortable with.... in a room full of pretence , it was the presence of just one person which brought solace... who gave me the strength and will to endure it all!!!!!!!!

Lesson learnt hard....... but well learnt... will never plan for something which I am not meant for!!!!!
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