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fleeting thots................

Being unreasonable is wrong ........ but there are times when your irrationality takes over and u r angry with someone like hell ..... the anger itself takes a toll on u ..... but the realisation that ur cause of anger is unjustified but still u r unable to pacify urself ..... !!!!!! .....

U define ur own rules generally ..... but there are times when the fact that there is some other X involved and so u have to think of wut W, Y , Z think or feel abt the same and u've to act in a particular way so that X is not affected / hurt by W, Y , Z's reaction....!!!!...... where are ur rules gone then!!!!!! ..... have do so many external factors influence your life!!!!!

Life would be so much easier if you knew what exactly is the right thing to do ... and did the right thing too always!!!!!!!

The moon which looks breath-takingly beautiful in the night sky and seems to loose all its sheen when seen during daylight ..... does that mean beauty is subjective to the back drop?? ..... are people also at their best when with the right kinda people!!!!!!
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